Nude Gloss


Nude Gloss

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Inspired by our bestselling Nude Crème lipsticks our ultra high shine gloss formula glides on with the perfect balance of color and shine. Packed with Maxi-Lip, a natural peptide that moisturizes the lips and makes them more defined using collagen and hyaluronic acid, along with Vitamin E to promote cell turnover and regeneration, providing extra moisture and nourishment to the lips

Nude glosses are in our updated taller gloss vials

Tip: Wear alone or pair with matching KKW Crème Nude 8 Lipstick


Nude 1: Light pinky nude
Nude 1.5: Light peachy nude
Nude 2: Warm light nude
Nude 2.5: Honey nude
Nude 3: Mid-tone terracotta
Nude 3.5: Rich mid-tone pinky nude
Nude 4: Mid-tone cool nude
Nude 5: Mid-tone rosy nude
Nude 6: Deep brown nude
Nude 7: Mocha nude
Nude 8: Deep chocolate nude

Net. Wt. 0.17 oz. (4.80 g)

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